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At Shaw Floors, we love to do things that mean YOU can be the creative genius in your own home. So let’s Cut A Rug! Because—now—you can get the rug you want. It’s an exciting design trend we’re thrilled to bring to you as an option for your home.

In general, rugs are a good flooring choice because they …

  • Create an instant focal point of design and color

  • Are soft and inviting—adding visual and actual warmth to a room

  • Are simple and easy—change them seasonally or whenever you want a new look!

  • Provide a protective layer, shielding hardwood (and other hard surface floors—laminate, tile, or resilient-vinyl) from scuffs, scratches, spills, and stains

  • Minimize noise, adding quiet; and are slip-resistant, adding safety

Shaw Floors and your Shaw retailer can take any carpet from the Caress or HGTV HOME Flooring by Shaw Collections, cut it, bind it, and turn it into the rug of your choice. How easy is that?

There’s no need to play it safe. Go bold. Colorful. Dramatic. Or don’t. It’s up to you. Just take advantage of Shaw’s wide array of striking carpet designs and trend-hot colors to create a rug that’s totally custom. A conversation piece that’s big or small, patterned or solid, a dramatic focal point or a soft, perfect backdrop. Whatever it is … it’s your very own.

And how about some extras? Many Shaw carpet styles are eco-friendly—some with recycled content, some completely recyclable back into carpet and rugs. Plus, most are protected with patented R2X, so your rug will be really easy to keep clean.

You want unique? You get unique. Gorgeous? Yes! Easy? Done.

Cut to the chase with Cut A Rug—and get just as creative as you want to be.

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